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Who works on Weekends?

Wake up: 8:00am

Do Laundry: 9:00am

Go to Costco: 11:00am

Take a nap: 1:00pm

Go to work: 4:00pm

I’m behind on projects. Might as well catch up while I have the day off.

Music. Coding, Designing,

Water. Tea. Bathroom

Facebook. Repeat

Get off: 11:00pm

Just requested my UberPool and waited forever for them to show up.

I’m in.

The ride home is relaxing.

I enjoy seeing people dressed up in costumes and having a good time.

They must be celebrating Halloween. Even though the 31st is four days out.

Tonight is the night to party.

But not for me.

I’m a workaholic.

Im on my way home to relax. I’ll save my energy for the next one.

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