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Taking a Break from Work to Discuss Superstition

Do you believe in superstitions?

I don’t.

But as I take a break from making website mockups in Photoshop, I took a second look at a text that made me reconsider.

While watching the Sunday Morning Football game, I saw old man running back Darren Sproles on the field getting playing time. He just ran for an 11 yard gain.

I went on a rant explaining how I couldn’t believe he was still in the league. He’s been around FOR YEARS and is very undersized for his position.

Minutes after this rant, he got injured on a run play. I’ve never seen him injured before.

Today I just found out he has a fully torn ACL and a broken arm.

At his age, that basically is a career ending injury.

That’s horrible.

Is it a coincidence that he got hurt minutes after this rant?

I don’t believe in superstitions, but this is the closest I’ll ever be to a believer.

Now back to these art boards.

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