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I Regret Replacing My iPhone Screen

I regret replacing my iPhone 11 cracked screen. I cracked the screen 2 weeks ago when I got out my car. Had my iPhone on my lap and BAM it landed face first into her concrete.

The result was a cracked screen and partial damage of the digitizer.

I replaced the screen myself and I sort of regret it.

Not only did it take me 4 hours to complete (because. I practiced on an IPhone 6 Plus first) but the frustration of unscrewing tiny screws, patience to remove adhesive, and overall satisfaction was not worth it.

I spent $65 on a replacement screen with tools.

The local phone place asked for $140 to fix

Apple charges $199 to fix

I opted to do myself and I was happy I learned how to do it.

However the new screen has minor issues. Basically the keyboard entry is jittery and the overall color is not the same as the Retina display. It’s not major, but considering I spent an arm and a leg for the phone, I’m slightly disappointed.

Was the money saved worth it?


But I definitely do regret replacing my screen myself. I would’ve opted for the Apple replacement any day.

Cracked screen vs replacement screen
Successfully replaced my iphone screen
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