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How to Process Online Orders

A Guide to One Person Processing of Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Etsy Orders

This guide will help explain the entire processing of online orders, as well as the method to cross-checking everything to make sure orders are out in a timely fashion. You should be able to process a single order in 15 minutes and the entire lot in 1-hour max. 

  1. Check for Orders – Make sure you have all login credentials
    1. Log into Shopify and check for new orders
    2. Log into Amazon Seller and check for new orders
    3. Log into Walmart Marketplace and check for new orders
    4. Log into Ebay and check for new orders
    5. Log into Etsy and check for new orders
  2. Print Order + 2 Packing Lists
    1. Review orders and print out the order page
    2. Print out 2 packing lists – 1 goes inside the package, 1 is for reference
    3. Each platform is different but allows printing for packing lists and orders
  3. Pull Merchandise and Pack
    1. Use the WAREHOUSE MAP if you cannot find merchandise
    2. Review packing list and pull merchandise. If anything needs to be cut, ask for help or use a yard stick to estimate yardage cut.
    3. Pull all merchandise on packing lists 
    4. Locate the correct bubble mailers, boxes, or flat rate materials and pack merchandise inside. Try to use the most cost-efficient or smallest packaging needed to safely fit the merchandise
    5. Pack merchandise with the correct packing slip
    6. Create a note on the outside of packages to help with reference
    7. Weigh the package. LB + OZ
  4. Invoice the Orders
    1. Using the order and packing list, create an invoice in Quickbooks
    2. Note the SHIP TO name, address, and phone number
    3. PO # is the Order #
    4. Add each line item of merchandise on the order as well as the price
    5. Any additional taxes or charges should be added under OTHER ITEMS
    6. Total should match total on the order (later to be adjusted)
    7. Save Invoice and Note the Invoice Number
  5. Create Labels and Ship Merchandise
    1. If USPS or Value Based Shipping – Use Endicia
    2. If UPS or Fedex or Expedited Shipping – Use a marketplace system to print labels or ask for help. Otherwise use Endicia also
    3. Log into Endicia
    4. Make sure the settings is set to print on 8.5 x 11 paper
    5. Add shipping FROM and copy and paste TO address.
    6. Add weight of entire package – If more than 1 LB, round up to the nearest LB. If less than 1 LB note the weight in OZ.
    7. Select USPS
    8. Note the cost of shipping and select the best option. All marketplaces require the use of a tracking number, so you will usually go with the 2nd cheapest option. Note for large orders you may use a flat rate box for cheaper shipping. 
    9. Select the shipping service
    10. Click Advanced options
    11. Print receipt and Reference # (Invoice Number)
    12. Review all and print label
    13. Label should have 1 side a label and 1 side a receipt
  6. Update Online Marketplaces and Print Paperwork
    1. Copy the tracking number from Endicia and paste into the invoice
    2. Copy the tracking number from Endicia and go back to online order. Fill out the shipment details and paste the tracking number into the fields. Complete order.
    3. Print out the invoice (and labels if you haven’t already)
    4. Receipt from the label goes with the invoice and label goes on the package
    5. If large package, request carrier pickup from USPS
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