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Freelancers Need to Ask For Tips

Why do freelancers need to ask for tips?

Because they’re already underpaid.

I compiled data on the freelancing website Fiverr, by using a template response every time I delivered an order.

Before this experiment,

I delivered an order

Said thank you to the buyer, left a review, and maybe followed up with them for more work.

Never asked for tips, but sometimes received them. Maybe 1 out of every 30 orders.

Not bad.

Then working on my own projects I ordered from a freelancer that used a very GREAT response when delivering their order.

They basically asked me to leave a tip by “buying them a coffee.”

I laughed when I saw this.

Probably because I’m a tech guy and find great ideas comical.

But yes I laughed at this…at first.

Then I tipped the freelancer.

The tipped the freelancer an extra $10 on a $50 order.


Because she asked for it.


Delivered great work.

I thought this passive way of asking for a tip was genius, so I decided to try it out on every order I delivered.

I modified the delivery “template” to suit my orders and started to use that phrase on every delivery.

Now, I have a 65% chance of being tipped after every order. And these tips have already doubled the amount of revenue I receive on Fiverr.

Not bad for a couple of words.

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