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Why pay for market research?

Why pay to research?

I can do it myself

No one can research the way I research

I want to keep costs low

I can do it myself

Can you? Can you really?

Can you research your target customer on your own?

Identify who they are

How they buy

What they do as a hobby

How about their names?

(Too deep. Now we are talking about buyer personas)

You don’t need that kind of market research

You just have questions

Can a simple google search answer?

How long did it take to find that answer?

Can you explain what you found to your boss?

To your peers?

To a group of peers?

Maybe. But now you’re dreaming.

Times running out

You’re dreaming it, but not doing it

Maybe tomorrow

Repeat until you forget.

Too Busy to Do Anything

Ever been so busy that nothing seems to get done?

Feeling like that right now on my Uber ride.



Mentally…but not so much physically.

The belly grows

The numbers show production, but nothing is getting done.

You start dabbling in this

You start dabbling in that

And at the end of the day, nothing gets done.

*Sips Coffee* ☕️

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