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I Regret Replacing My iPhone Screen

I regret replacing my iPhone 11 cracked screen. I cracked the screen 2 weeks ago when I got out my car. Had my iPhone on my lap and BAM it landed face first into her concrete.

The result was a cracked screen and partial damage of the digitizer.

I replaced the screen myself and I sort of regret it.

Not only did it take me 4 hours to complete (because. I practiced on an IPhone 6 Plus first) but the frustration of unscrewing tiny screws, patience to remove adhesive, and overall satisfaction was not worth it.

I spent $65 on a replacement screen with tools.

The local phone place asked for $140 to fix

Apple charges $199 to fix

I opted to do myself and I was happy I learned how to do it.

However the new screen has minor issues. Basically the keyboard entry is jittery and the overall color is not the same as the Retina display. It’s not major, but considering I spent an arm and a leg for the phone, I’m slightly disappointed.

Was the money saved worth it?


But I definitely do regret replacing my screen myself. I would’ve opted for the Apple replacement any day.

Cracked screen vs replacement screen
Successfully replaced my iphone screen

Day 1: Luna Had Ups and Downs

UPDATE: FEB 20, 2021 – Since this day, I have never opened back up Amazon Luna. I actually had a reminder on my phone to delete the app and cancel subscription, however I was 1 day late. They charged my account already as I proceeded to cancel. Now I have 30 days of Luna. Hopefully they add FIFA.

I signed up for Amazon Luna recently and got a chance to open up the platform as soon as I got home. I had to download the app first (on my Firestick) which took about a minute.

As soon as I booted up the app, they let me know immediately I would need a controller in order to play any games.

I grabbed my PS4 controller and did a bit of googling to figure out how to connect the device as a Bluetooth controller to my fire stick. This feature alone was dope because now I can use the controller to navigate anything.

Only downside with the controller hookup is there is no way to power down the controller. Maybe there is, but I have no found it yet.

Either way, fired up Luna and searched for any reasonable game to play. I tried out Control as it was the one I read articles about previously.

I was actually in the game and playing with minimal delay (from controller inputs to the TV). It was frustrating at first but any gamer learns to adapt after a while.

I must’ve played about 30 minutes in before I started getting “connection error” notices in the top right. The game started to get choppy.

My movements weren’t registering.

Actually they did register, maybe 5 seconds later in clusters.

It made me hot. I felt the game was unplayable because of the lag. Even if only for 20% of the time, that continuous stop and hesitation and cluster movements drove me insane. I closed the app.

The issue according to Amazon Luna was I was connected to a regular Wifi connection and that performance would be better on a 5GHZ connection. So I ran over to my modem, noted the password, and reconnected.

I ended up playing a game called Cookout 2 with Venice. I wanted to see how the game would respond with two controllers connected. It was ok.

Gameplay wasn’t too bad. We adjusted to the delay and had a lot of fun. But man, when the game was bad, it was bad. We were yelling we couldnt move and the whole screen would delay and since we were on a timer based game it was frustrating.

It was only day 1 with Amazon Luna but I’ll give it a 6/10.

Game selection with the free trial (non-Ubisoft) was limited, but many games in their library are fun to play. Just not well known. Game selection 6/10

Actual gameplay and in-game movements were slightly delayed. Not bad, but frustrating for someone like me who plays consoles heavy and use to almost seamless inputs. This would most likely be reduced if I bout the Luna Controller ($49.99) but I opted to use what I already have for the trial. 7/10

Connection was up and down. I had non-interrupted play maybe 80% of the time. But the 20% of time with all of the lag and reconnecting and even app crashes was frustrating. I was connected via Wifi, so maybe this improves with a wired connection. 3/10

Setup and connectivity was seamless and easy. The app download for my Mac, Firestick, and Mobile was easy and the app was up and running in a matter of minutes. Amazon made getting right into the game very streamlined. 10/10

So far I took a day off from playing because of work, so I have 5 days in my trial left. I’ll try out Luna again and see if it’s worth subscribing to. Pricing was affordable especially considering it can be played on a bunch of different devices.

Time to Try Out Amazon Luna

Just got an email from Amazon letting me know I’ve been accepted to beta test Amazon Luna.

I already love gaming on Xbox and PS, so this will be a new toy I get to try out.

They say I can play from any device (using a web browser) or from a fire stick which is what I want to test out. They do require a keyboard and mouse or gaming controller to play games though.

I’ll use one of my old PS4 controllers. It’s been collecting dust and gives me a reason to use for the next 7 days. FREE TRIAL

All sites mentioned that FIFA 21 would be available, but I just accepted the trial and I don’t see the game in the library. I’ve been suckered in.

Well I have 7 days to try it out so we will see how it goes. The first step is getting home, downloading the app on my fire stick, and connecting my controller.

I’ll also try on mobile because that seems like a cool feature that I never wanted.

Amazon Luna Day 1 begins….

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