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Category: Ideas and Thoughts

Look at you. Company man

Look at you. 👀

Company man.

Make a catchy song.

You have great ideas

You over think everything

You’re a genius


You’re set for greatness and you don’t even know it.

But you never act on your ideas.

You find one problem and toss them in the waste basket.

You’ve settled and you know it.

Look at you. 👀

Company man.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask A Professional

Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help.

They know more than you do.

They usually want to help.

They can help you NOT make rookie mistakes.

For example,

Last night I asked a coworker’s advice on what image to post on Instagram.

She has a better eye for quality (and probably gets 10x more likes than I ever will).

She basically looked at the images I took with my iPhone, grimaced at them and chose the least crooked photo out of the 4.

The post performed well.

And this method still hasn’t failed me yet.

If you ever doubt yourself, reach out to a professional. They’ll end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.

Are We Under Cyber Attack?

First the FCC announced they plan to vote on ending internet freedom, now everything tech is malfunctioning.

Our site keeps delivering 500 errors.

My computer won’t let me write to our servers.

Our phone systems are glitchy.

And now McDonalds tablets are acting up.



How well do you understand your job?

You understand a concept.

You’ve tested it.

The theory makes sense.

You understand the process.

You have the right tools.

You know the steps.

Your method is foolproof.

But ask yourself…

Can you teach this method to somebody else?

How well do you really know your job?

Can you teach someone your process and expect them to deliver the same results you do?


But probably not.

Or, maybe you’re scared of teaching them.

Scared to teach someone how to do your job.

Scared that teaching them to do your job will lead to you not having a job.

Think about it…

Sometimes you need help doing a task.

You know that extra hand can help you be more productive.

But you don’t do it.

You make up excuses.

You make an excuse about not having excuses.

And then you say, I can do it on my own.

How well do you really understand your job?

*Re-reads job description*

Oh nevermind, that task is not in my job description.

(another excuse)

Who works on Weekends?

Wake up: 8:00am

Do Laundry: 9:00am

Go to Costco: 11:00am

Take a nap: 1:00pm

Go to work: 4:00pm

I’m behind on projects. Might as well catch up while I have the day off.

Music. Coding, Designing,

Water. Tea. Bathroom

Facebook. Repeat

Get off: 11:00pm

Just requested my UberPool and waited forever for them to show up.

I’m in.

The ride home is relaxing.

I enjoy seeing people dressed up in costumes and having a good time.

They must be celebrating Halloween. Even though the 31st is four days out.

Tonight is the night to party.

But not for me.

I’m a workaholic.

Im on my way home to relax. I’ll save my energy for the next one.

You’re Not Trendy

Why do what everyone else is doing?

Be yourself

Do you.

Find your own style

Find your own niche

Find your own community

If anything, you write to entertain yourself. You use it as a way to recap what you learn and to remind you how far you have come.

And to think…

You always told yourself you wouldn’t do it.

Look at you now.

Just Another Friday

Have you ever been in a situation where your supervisor tells you to work on a task, but you have no idea how to do it?

You probably have.

This happened to me today…on a Friday.

I was asked to create a custom post type template with PHP and connect it to our WordPress staging site.

Now…I’m pretty good at HTML and CSS, but anything outside of that, I struggle with.

But even with my obvious discomfort with the task I did it anyway.

I relied on Google to help me out.

I searched a few tutorials and web forums and was able to get the basic idea of what I needed to do.

But man…the coding.

The coding was so difficult.

I must’ve broke our staging site 3 times by misplacing a bracket or by looping in the wrong function.

So much frustration.

Oh is it already time to leave?

Deuces ✌🏼

Am I Wasting Time?

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, a thought hit me.

Am I wasting time?

Am I living paycheck to paycheck and wasting away my life grinding for numbers in my bank account?

The answer is yes. Yes I am.

Even though I love what I do and enjoy coming up with new ideas to improve productivity…at the end of the day, I go home to an empty bedroom.

I sit down, eat my “bachelor” dinner, scroll my Facebook feed, and go to bed.

*If you are not familiar with a bachelor dinner, you probably never had it. Think fast and simple food. Like frozen meals, burritos, or my favorite: Top Ramen noodles.

This work grind process is repeated Monday through Friday. 5 Days a week, every week.

Day after day until you finally notice that 2 months, 3 months, 1 year, and then 5 years have passed.

You don’t WANT to waste your time grinding to support your lifestyle. But you have to.

You enjoy the perks of living in a capitalist society.

You enjoy the perks of having extra money to spend on yourself or someone else.

You enjoy the perks of living a better life.

You enjoy the new car you can afford.

You enjoy the new iPhones, expensive concerts, and nice clothes you can buy.

The short term benefits are amazing.

But it still keeps you up at night.

Is your time really worth it?

Will you wake up 10 years from now and look back on what you accomplished?

Just something to think about…

Awkward Conversations with Clients

Have you ever had an awkward conversation with a client?

Of course you have.

But why do you think it was awkward?

Was it because you just sent over a long email discussing a sensitive topic? (Because you were too ‘afraid’ to discuss details on the phone)

Was it because you had a direct demand and didn’t want to have that weird moment between delivery of the message and the response to the demand?

Or was it because you are simply too nice to this client and don’t want to discuss tough issues with them directly?

Either way, it’s tough to avoid these situations.

After going back and forth between calendar invites and text messages a call time is finally setup.

You constantly keep this time in the back of your head.

It haunts you while you are working.

It haunts you while you are trying to sleep.

It stays on your mind all the way up to the time you need to make the phone call.

You’ve prepared.

You’re ready to answer all of their questions.

You’re ready to discuss the hard topics.

And you finally dial their number…

They answer.

You both have the usual small talk and share slightly fake laughs before that awkward silence comes up and you know it’s time to get down to business.

The conversation ends up goes well.


Other times it causes you to show your true emotion and curse to the gods in your mind.

But you never actually say what you’re thinking right?

At the end of the call… you think “It’s easier than I thought.”

The client was understanding.

You are relieved and can’t wonder why you were panicking so much in the first place.

These conversations are so difficult to have, yet so easy once you actually have them.

Still the anxiety that comes with these awkward conversations is something we’d all love to avoid.

Just Bought a Scarlett 2i2 for Audio Work

Today, I made the first step towards taking my music production to the next level.

I bought my first audio interface.

I bought a pre-owned Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface from a guy on the Let Go app.

After toggling back in forth whether I’d actually meet this guy and buy this interface (which I ironically had no idea how to use), I decided to pull the trigger and actually do it.

After work, I headed over to his place in DTLA.

I thought it was creepy he gave me his address, gate code, and building number…but I didn’t ask any questions. He had great reviews on the app and he seemed trustworthy based on that first impression.

I finally met Jon.

He was a friendly home engineer who DJ’d on the weekends.

He explained how to use the interface, told me a little about his new business, and we made our transaction.

I left and headed back home to try out this new baby.

Right now I don’t have any instrument or mics to connected to it, so it’s literally a stand-alone piece of hardware that I’m using for my DAW and headphones.

And I have to say…

It’s already worth every penny.

I was able to adjust one of mixes immediately.

I moved through the sound spectrum and adjusted levels with ease using the master control knobs.

Since the interface isn’t really supplying sound to my headphones, maybe the interface was just providing a placebo effect.

Who knows?

All I do know is… I have one of the three pieces I need to finish up my collection.

All I need now is a nice condenser microphone and a portable recorder.

I like to mix audio in my free time.

It keeps me sane.

It helps me relax from my long work week and gives me a chance to relieve stress by listening to music.

I guess normal people call it a hobby.