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Awkward Conversations with Clients

Have you ever had an awkward conversation with a client?

Of course you have.

But why do you think it was awkward?

Was it because you just sent over a long email discussing a sensitive topic? (Because you were too ‘afraid’ to discuss details on the phone)

Was it because you had a direct demand and didn’t want to have that weird moment between delivery of the message and the response to the demand?

Or was it because you are simply too nice to this client and don’t want to discuss tough issues with them directly?

Either way, it’s tough to avoid these situations.

After going back and forth between calendar invites and text messages a call time is finally setup.

You constantly keep this time in the back of your head.

It haunts you while you are working.

It haunts you while you are trying to sleep.

It stays on your mind all the way up to the time you need to make the phone call.

You’ve prepared.

You’re ready to answer all of their questions.

You’re ready to discuss the hard topics.

And you finally dial their number…

They answer.

You both have the usual small talk and share slightly fake laughs before that awkward silence comes up and you know it’s time to get down to business.

The conversation ends up goes well.


Other times it causes you to show your true emotion and curse to the gods in your mind.

But you never actually say what you’re thinking right?

At the end of the call… you think “It’s easier than I thought.”

The client was understanding.

You are relieved and can’t wonder why you were panicking so much in the first place.

These conversations are so difficult to have, yet so easy once you actually have them.

Still the anxiety that comes with these awkward conversations is something we’d all love to avoid.

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