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Author: Marceel

Marceel is a digital media technician living in Los Angeles, CA. He is a small business owner and freelancer that has worked on everything from portfolio websites to SEO optimization of nationally ranked sites.

Excel will Save You HOURS Managing an ECommerce Site

If you are currently managing a large e commerce site and find it time-consuming to keep up with updates, this post is for you.

I currently use Excel to update thousands of products, images, titles, metadata, and prices very fast.

The secret power is within’ the CSV.

This format allows you to make bulk edits to products and posts on one single sheet without the need to keep searching and updating products via WordPress.

Yes you do need a couple of plugins to make this work smoothly. Some are paid plugins which I normally wouldn’t suggest on smaller sites, but a couple of dollars spent early on your site could save you THOUSANDS in hourly work later on. Take my advice on this one readers.

I would suggest Store Export, WP All Import, and Import/Export from WordPress.

Simple Solutions to Difficult Questions

My first blog post is dedicated to the overthinker.

The person always looking for answers.

The curious how-to thinker always looking for answers on Google and Bing.


If you can relate, keep reading. If you can’t…then leave this tab open. You may need it.

One of my favorite questions to ask the world is “WHY”

WHY does something work?

WHY do you need all these steps?

WHY am I spending all of this time working on a single project?

I hope to use this blog to answer these WHY questions and provide a little insight into my thought process.Yes, actually you could say this is my rebellion against Google. Or better yet a supplement for the average user who wants answers. Answers that are so hard to find.

Some of the topics I want to cover is:

  • Workflow
  • Task Automation
  • Design
  • Business
  • and life as a Tech Guy

WordPress is my bread and butter and I use the platform for everything from writing blogs, to building landing pages, to sharing on social media. I am a self-taught front-end developer and have worked on 60+ sites using WordPress as my go to engine. I’ve also built sites using BigCommerce and Squarespace.

I should keep a list of all of my sites.

But nowadays I’m just too busy.

Contact me and I’ll send you a link.


I have a solid background in SEO marketing and optimizing e-commerce sites. See what I’m currently working on:

Building a 10,000 Product Database

Task and design automation is another curiosity of mine.

I always want to do as little as possible to get maximum efficiency.

Bulk creating product images,

migrating data via RSS Feeds,

or simply pressing a single button to share content on all major social media platforms.

Yes, a single button.

Buy me a coffee and ask me how.

I strive in taking the difficulty out of doing the most.

Marketing for the young entrepreneur is more difficult than you think. When I started my business Quiksnip back in 2015, I was the greenest person you could ever meet. I had just acquired a decent laptop and basically self-taught myself the Adobe creative suite and WordPress using blog posts and Youtube videos.

Navigating the depths of marketing was hard because it’s tough to tell whats right from wrong, but after years of trial and error, you start to develop a process of good practices and that’s what I hope to share here.

Don’t make rookie mistakes.

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