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Month: October 2021

Mind Dump – Stop with the Cliche’s

More and more cliches

Coming up next

Basically I took a long time to write about new beginnings

I’ve been bombarded with work

I’ve been bombarded with tasks

I’m sitting on a plane typing on my phone because I forgot to download a good game to play before takeoff

I tried studying notes

But 20 minutes in and my brain was fried

Now I’m sitting on a plane typing on my phone

Repeating the same line

Get to the point damnit, ppl don’t have all day

Ok, ok

*sips cranberry juice out of a clear small plastic cup with light ice*

First week in to a new adventure and I have mixed emotions. I’m thrilled by the learning and level of tech around me, but I’m still worried about the teams I left behind.

I was relied on to build, support, and maintain many projects.

I rejected them all.

I left them unattended.

I moved on from the norm.

I have a new beginning.

A new chance to test myself.

A new mindset.

I’m leaving it all behind and pursuing what I think is “right”

It’s all cliche right now and I’m tired of sitting on this plane. Im waiting for these plane wheels to come out and smash onto the pavement. As soon as that happens im turning back on this damn 4g (outdated) overly expensive internet plan and going ham on these apps.

All this worry for 3 notifications. Two from family and one from a spam marketer. I’m glad they’re always checking up on me.

Either way, new beginnings blah blah

The start of this new process will take some getting use to, but im never looking back. The grind never stops and all I can do is keep advancing.

I should write more, but im a workaholic.

Other things are “more important” I always say.

But what’s really important, is living in the moment.

Living every moment to it’s fullest.

Remembering to smile even though the mask hides it all.

Yep im losing my mind on this plane. No wifi and another 2 hours to go. Thought it would be nice to check in. ><

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