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Month: April 2020

Crazy Rideshare Stories

I want to tell you about the crazy stories I’ve gone through while driving for Lyft and Uber.

The stay at home order has me driving more in order to cover my bills and to pay for all of the non-sense items I buy.

I started driving back in December and usually part time on the weekends. I’m not full time, but holy crap have I been in the wildest situations I’d never thought if be in.

I’m mainly drive around Los Angeles, so all the experiences you will soon read are from this area.

Here’s a list of some from the top of my head:

Passenger at 5am jumps out of bushes and does a full wardrobe in the backseat while heading to work.

Lady applies 3 large squirts of hand sanitizer within a 1 mile trip. Jumped out the car so fast when I stopped.

Chick doesn’t want me to drop her off at her pinned location. I follow her directions and go into circles before asking her to get out. She doesn’t.

Polo Gee falls asleep in my car and I couldn’t wake him up. Dropped him off half awake in the middle of the night.

Teenage moms kid kept asking if I was her daddy.

Wore the wrong colors and picked up someone at a liquor store. I was confronted and had to bribe my way out of the situation.

Dropped off a dog 30 minutes away to a grooming establishment. He kept licking my elbow.

Since I get multiple crazies every time I’ll drive, I’ll try to post my stories as many as possible.

Years from now, I may regret this 👀

People Really Need Entertainment

It’s been a while since I’ve written here.

I always want to give updates, but I never find the time to sit down and write. *actually type…because it’s 2020.

Procrastination is real.

I promise to catch you up with my thoughts and experiences, because lord have mercy…there has been many.

FB slander, a crazy germaphobic passenger, and an intern that doesn’t follow directions. Man, there has been a lot. But right now, I need to ramble about this Corona Virus-COVID-19 whatever you’re local brainwashing media tells you.

Los Angeles is basically shut down with a “Stay at Home Order.” People who are out in public are required to cover their face and basically not be social. It’s not normal.

I’ve had people randomly try to start conversations with me after saying “hey” or “how’s it going” or even “good morning.”

I’m a REAL introvert. Most of the time I’m saying these phrases to be courteous. These obvious people needing individuals (otherwise known as Extroverts) start rambling on just to keep the convo going.

I literally told a lady “hey what’s up” and she went on to say

“hi. It’s such a beautiful day outside. How has your day been?”

“It’s been good” I said.

She replies with: “that’s awesome” and proceeds to talk about how she’s thankful for her job and how she wants to buy an E-Class Benz because her car was stolen a couple weeks ago.

At this point, I’m just like….yeah I’m not the one. People really need entertainment.

Who knows when the order will be lifted?

Hopefully soon.

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