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Month: September 2018

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic

I am an LA baby and have spent hours, days, weeks, and months being stuck in traffic.

Today I find myself in Beijing China…also stuck in traffic.
However, this is traffic, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
This traffic is frustrating.
This traffic is insane.
This traffic is downright ridiculous.

Imagine being 1 mile away from work and spending 45 minutes stuck in a sluggish moving traffic line full of transit buses, personal cars, people on mopeds, bike riders, and people walking. The people on bikes are moving faster than anyone else on the road.

Everyone is running into each other. Like ants.

This is how my morning is going.

I woke up today at 6:00 am in order to get ready and make it into work by 9:00 am.
I left the house around 7:40 am (10 minutes late) and ended up at my destination at 9:30 am.

The traffic today wasn’t unordinary.
There was no crash holding up the line. There was no issue with the subway routes. This was a regular old day in Beijing.

And what makes matters worst…I didn’t even have my morning coffee.
What a start to my day.

As I left the house this morning, I knew I was in for a treat. I used my iPhone to pay my transit fare on the first bus and was surprised that it wasn’t nearly as full as the other days. I actually could turn around and spread my legs while standing on the bus. Getting off the bus was smooth and painless.

The 2nd bus, however, was pure hell.
As the bus approached the stop, I could see the bus was literally at its capacity with passengers squeezed into the 3 layered bus. The bus driver barely had any room himself to drive this jalopy.

I opted to enter through the middle of the bus.
There were about 50 people lined up to get on this bus and there was about room for 5 of those people. However, like a giant centipede, everyone started pushing against each other and squeezing into the bus. Luckily I was near the front of the line and slid my way in rather easily. But literally, I had one chick being squeezed into my ribs and another guy next to me being pushed deeper and deeper into this packed bus. It was hell.

The bus smelled like sweat and stress.

Everytime the bus driver braked, the momentum would cause the whole pile to move. No one was safe.

I eventually got on the bus and into the crazily packed subway full of people trying to get to their destinations. Other than the fact the security people always wave their little stick near my grown, it was easy getting on the well air conditioned train. The only issue I had was all the people with hot morning breath.

I got off the subway and walked another 20 minutes to get to my destination. I literally had to keep my head on a swivel because bikes and motorized scooters kept swooping by me. Jeez Beijing has too many people.

I can’t get over how bad traffic is here. I miss LA.

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